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Guild Operations Overview

The Council - Guild Operations Overview:

The Core Group 

These will be the regulars who come to Operations whenever they are scheduled.  This will be approximately 75% of the team, adjusted by availability.  There will be some priority given to these people with respect to awarding gear from boss drops, dependent upon whether or not the award benefits the effectiveness of the group as a whole.


These individuals will be brought in on a first-come, first-served basis depending upon what roles are needed to be filled for that evening.  Gear requirements will be relaxed for these individuals, and core group members will ensure that Assists have the items they need to get through fights (stims, med packs, boss strategies, etc.).  Assists are presumed to be our more casual players, so the emphasis on these players will be to see the content while having fun and participating in a guild event.

As an Assist, it is important to remember that while there’s a slightly lesser chance of getting loot from a boss that’s defeated, you will still receive a Loot Bag from each downed boss and you will be that much further in achieving our Credo listed above.

The Core Group members will be established on the first run of the Operation.  Those who sign up on a regular basis afterward and express interest in remaining Core will be considered Core going forward.  How well you are geared from the start will also be a factor.

Guidelines for Joining an Op Group

While there are no guarantees in life, there are a few simple rules that will most likely get you into the Operation you want to run in an evening.  Follow these, and you’ll be running in the Ops with no troubles at all.


Operations will be scheduled on the Guild Calendar.  It will be a simple matter of clicking on Rapid Raid and joining the Ops Group you want to be in.  If you’re in the Core group, you’re guaranteed to be in assuming you’ve signed up within 2 hours of the Operation start.  Assists are first-come, First-served, so the earlier you sign up, the better!


The worst start to any Operation is a late start.  In order to start on time, a full group is required to be at the starting point of the Operation and actually in the group!  So do your best to follow these guidelines:

1.  Be in-game and ready for an invitation at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the Op.

2.  Have all of your stims and med kits ready before you’re invited to the Op.


4.  Be logged into Ventrilo early. Ventrilo is a mandatory tool for operations. Even if you don't have a headset, just login to listen to Ventrilo chat because operation leaders will communicate instructions using this tool. While the operation is going on, please try and keep voice chatter to a minimum, this will help our operation leaders and minimize any confusion.

5.  If you cannot make the op for any reason, notify the Raid Leader ASAP.  If you cannot notify the raid leader, notify someone in the guild and have them notify the raid leader. 


If you signed up for an Op and then didn’t show, and you have no good reason for not having shown, you will be removed from the Core Group.  If you were an Assist, you will be given a lower priority the next time you sign up.  So please, only sign up if you can come and want to come.  Don’t leave your guild-mates hanging!


Once we're in the Operation and running, relax and have fun with it.  There will be times where we need discipline and coordination, but we will never take the ops so seriously that we'll go all military on each-other.  There will be times where we wipe over and over on a boss.  Just shake it off, gripe about your repair bills, and go back in swingin' thinking about the first time we down that sucker.  This is the joy of raiding, and we want every one of you to have a taste.

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