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B'Day - Cortine
Attendance Report by Event

Choose Events

Compare Against Event 2 (Optional)
System Lifetime Player Lifetime between

How this works:

  1. Choose an event to show the attendance percentage of all active raiders.
  2. (Optional) Choose an event to compare the first event to.
  3. (Optional) Enter threshold amounts. A user who's attendance for the event falls below the threshold will be highlighted in red.
  4. Choose a date option:
    • System Lifetime will calculate attendance from the first raid ever tracked.
    • Player Lifetime will calculate attendance from the date a player was marked "raid eligible" in Admin.
    • The date ranges will calculate attendance between the two dates.
  5. Results are always sorted by Event 1


After performing the initial query, the results can be filtered down to select users by selecting them and then clicking "Apply Filter". To remove the filter use the "Select/Unselect All" checkbox and then click "Submit" or "Apply Filter" again.
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